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i swear taylor swift dated more guys then i have followers on tumblr

I feel sorry your follower count is so low maybe it’s all the slut shaming :(

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such devine people

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Every Character I LoveJessica Day (New Girl)

“I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children, and I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person, that’s just weird and it freaks me out! And I’m sorry I don’t talk like Murphy Brown, and I hate your pant suit, I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it just slightly cuter. And that doesn’t mean I’m not smart, and tough, and strong! And my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!”

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Yes, Nancy, John Paul has had longer than you to deal with the rape but within that time he has been tormented and made to feel like he is worthless by his rapist.

Saying that you had to be man enough for the both of them feels like you are shaming every victim that has been too afraid to come forward.

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Daniel Sloss on Conan (x)

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Wonderboy, you are perfect.

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home is wherever wifi connects automatically

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